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Happy Hour My 2011 release by Torquere Press and Rainbow eBooks
All proceeds go to It Gets Better Project!
It's an awesome story about how drinking beer all night could lead you not to a hangover, but to the man of your dreams!

Fair Puckled Released April of 2012 by Torquere Press
A naughty little story about an adorable nerd in Scotland and his dream Highland warrior!

Both banners inspired by my stories were created by the lovely Kerry Freeman


My full length novel, DOWNPOUR, will be out in November from Loose Id. This story is so personal and means so much to me.
Here's the summary:

Markus Simmons, a pre-med student who moonlights as a barrista, narrates as he and his long-time crush, Clinton Stewart, learn more about themselves and what they’re willing to go through to heal and be together. Although Clinton is savagely attacked just after his first date with Markus, it’s not only Clinton who suffers. After Clinton is brutally beaten by three men for being gay, Markus describes his relationship and how helpless he feels watching the man he’s falling in love with deal with the residual pain. He learns how Clinton came out to a hateful family who turned their backs on him, but he found solace in the boy who made his coffee every morning. And who could help but fall in love with a beautiful man bringing you caffeine? Clinton finally lets his guard down, but he’s quickly reminded why he had such thick walls around his heart to begin with, when he’s attacked for being himself. Trying to protect himself and not wanting to need anyone, Clinton tries hard to keep Markus at arm’s length. He soon discovers he has no choice in who his heart loves.

When many would walk away from the pain and mounting stress from a trial and school, the new lovers choose to move forward. Once, Clinton felt he had lost his hope and his family, but with Markus and his friends, he realizes that you can become a family when your own is no longer an option. With laughter and tears, Clinton figures out that because of Markus’ love and his new family, he is truly not alone.
Here's my Markus:

Here's my Clint:

Don't you wanna read? You can in November 2012!