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CONTEST: In the Beginning Blog Tour!

Families and the Governmental Body
I want to thank Bella for having me on her blog today for my “In The Beginning” blog tour.
For those of you who have stuck with the tour this long? Thank you!
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In the Sons of Adam series there will be a lot of words used that will be new to the readers and terms and titles that won’t be common to most other paranormal romances. For example, a group of wolves is called a pack, the leader of a pack is an alpha, that is common. But where a group of lions is a pride, the leader of a pride is called a king. In order to help you all with some of the terms you will see throughout the series (before the release of the Sons of Adam Real Holy Bible which I’m going to actually finish and release free sometime soon), I’m going to share with you all the governmental body of the paranormal community as well as the familial structure and titles used throughout the series to make yourselves aware. And after you finish reading them all, tell me, in the comments, what position you think you would have held:

Governmental Body:
Pack Head Leader (Wolf Shifters): Alpha
Pack Second: Beta
Pack Enforcers: Gammas
Pack Elders: Epsilon
Pack Assassins: Deltas
Pack Hunters: Sigmas
Pack Peacemakers/Ambassadors: Omegas
Coven Head Leader (Vampires): Master
Coven Second: General
Coven Enforcers: Soldiers
Coven Elders: Pashas
Coven Assassins: Ilmaytor
Coven Servants: Clovers
Coven Blood Donors: Wvayones
Sect Head Leader (Witches): Emperor
Sect Second: General
Sect Enforcers: Soldiers
Sect Elders: Elders
Sect Assassins: Snipers
Sect Hunters: Privates
Sect Ambassadors: Ambassador
Pride (Lions): King
Pride Second: Prince
Pride Enforcer: Guard
Pride Elders: Advisors
Pride Assassins: Panthers
Pride Hunters: Hunters
Pride Ambassadors: Cheshires
Clutch (Elves): Imperial Highness
Clutch Second: Majesty
Clutch Enforcers: Lathius
Clutch Elders: Vassals
Clutch Assassins: Knights
Clutch Hunters: Serfs
Clutch Ambassadors: Nobles
Glom (Shifters): President
Glom Second: Vice-President
Glom Enforcers: Soldiers
Glom Elders: Congress
Glom Assassins: Ninjas
Glom Hunters: Farmers
Glom Ambassadors: Missionaries

Familial Structure:
In shifter families there is a mother and a father as same-sex pairings were forbidden after the Great Destruction where the ancestors of the shifter races were killed. However, before they were forbidden in same-sex matings, the father who carried and gave birth to the children were called Lomvre (Lohm-vure) and the inseminating father was called Ohmchi (Ohm-chee). Loosely translated: Bearer and Father.
The children addressed the birthing father as: Ema
The inseminating father was addressed as: Abba
Uncles are addressed as: Dod
Aunts are addressed as: Doda
Grandfather is addressed as: Sav
Grandmother is addressed as: Savah
Every family has a leader, a teacher, to help them in the early years of being a family. This is especially useful when there are two men who are mated and one is pregnant or giving birth. This teacher, or Rabbi, schools the family not only on how to be a strong family unit but also on the true history of the world. The Rabbi teaches the family about keeping their shifter nature secret from the Sons of Adam, or humans, and it is the Rabbi that performs the ceremony to dedicate the child or children to the Supreme Being and stays with the family until the first child has their first shift at the age of two. It is at this time that the Rabbi moves on to another family but returns to each family they have assisted, should there be any more children, to dedicate them and then again to help the child through their first shift.
The practice of having a Rabbi live with the family has been lost over the years yet still Rabbis are trained and educated and anxiously await the opportunity to once again return to their former glory.

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  1. Thank you for making a list of the words as I had never heard some of them used that way or heard of them before. Thank you for the giveaway. Can't wait to buy my copy on the 28th. Still in the contest so hopefully I'll win one of the GC's so I can buy the Tate Pack series as well. *fingers crossed* Have a wonderful day/evening.

    1. No problems Shorty! I love being able to share the information with you all so that you're aware ahead of time and then when you see the word you'll know what's going on. Long before I explain it in the book. LOL.

  2. The hierarchies sound pretty complex, but the Omegas sound the most like me...


    1. Oh yeah they are and that complexity is going to play a big part in the series. (evil chuckle) See how I tease you? Hehehehe.

      Omegas are awesome. I really like them, probably because they remind me a little of myself and my bio mom.

  3. Very interesting post, which one would I be? I'm not sure I'm in there, which one wouldbe most like a healer? The Omega? Or is there another I've missed. Made me think though.

  4. The worldbuilding for this looks very intricate so thanks for posting this! Having such a complexly crafted world makes it easy to have many stories told. As for me I think I'd be listed as Sect Assassins: Snipers since I'm a bit bloodthirsty....