Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing a book is haaaaaaaaaaard.

I am working. I swear. Little Lion Man turned one this week! And he is walking (see slamming his face into everything) and he adores rearranging my cabinets and trying to eat the cat.
Never stops moving!
I've been very busy chasing his drunk fratboy lookin' self around our home for hours at a time. But I am working! It's naptime, so I am hitting out this blog post and then I'm hitting the docs.

It's been rough few months since I was sick and in ICU, LLM was also pretty sick off and on and teething, even Mr. Leone had a flu bug and he never gets sick! We also lost our beloved Cowardly Lion Puppy last week. She was a beautiful 13 years old and well... cancer sucks. She's up in puppy heaven though and keeping an eye on LLM, I'm sure.
Yesterday it was 9 degrees here and the "feels like" temperature was -2. Yeah, I don't do algebra weather. This crap is not okay.
Thankfully, the warm weather is supposedly on the way and I cannot wait for some sunshine to clean out the ick and warm my brain back up.
We're working on Downpour 2 and Hockey Boys. No really.
So far we have a fantastic plot and a good 20K words in Downpour 2, just stalled out on timing. I have my places needed to go, but not knowing how to get there with such a frosted brain.
Hockey boys is done, but a hot mess. Gotta clean that stuff up before the ice melts!
Frozen baby is frozen.
Now I just need to stop watching Mad Men and The Chew and get to some writing.
If you see me on Facebook or Twitter talking about how hot Joan is or how adorable LLM is being, feel free to agree, but then tell me to get my ass back to work!
Please, and thank you.


P.S. My dear friend, Platonic Life Partner, and beta client, Season Vining's maiden book released this week. Go check out Beautiful Addictions. It's gorgeous! I adored working with her on this engrossing and engaging story. It's always a pleasure to work with so much talent in such a little body :D Go read it!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nostalgia a la Drabbles.

Drabbles from 2011. I'm feeling nostalgic to the days of yore when I had all the time to sit and write.

Do enjoy!

My wrists stung as he tightened the cord around them, not giving me any room. "Such a pretty pet." His words were soft, his breath hot against my neck as he leaned forward. "Do you like being tied up, completely dark, and at my mercy?" His fingers moved up my arms and along my neck to adjust the blindfold.
"Yes, sir." My sigh was automatic as I felt his hand drift along my breast as he walked around me, surveying his property.


"I thought I'd find you here." I didn't even turn at the sound of his voice. I knew he'd be standing tall, leaning just a bit on his long torso. His sleeves would be rolled up and his hair a mess, looking as though he'd just rolled out of bed. He always looked the same when he came to visit, as he did the day he said good-bye two years ago. "Are you still ignoring me?"
"I couldn't ignore you if I tried. And I have." My irritation was not in the least veiled as I turned my camera to check the settings before returning to the elegant white being drifting passed in the water. 
He sighed heavily and sat beside me, his shoulder brushing mine. "I'll always come back, you know that."
"That's what I'm afraid of."


The moonlight casts an ethereal glow along our bodies that tilt and shift along the water's edge. As his body moves along, within, before mine, I feel every particle of my being surge to life. Hands, legs, hearts pushing and moving. A blanket of water along our bed, together we lie beneath the moon infusing ourselves. His body feeds mine and I take everything I can as I give all I have under the harvest moon drifting into the water we share.


A biting cold drifts up my leg. My muscles contract but I try to keep still. His hand, chilled by his glass lands softly on my knee and I can feel his hand squeeze, then release, but it never leaves my leg. The edge of his tumbler caresses my leg again, inching higher this time, my spine straightening involuntarily at the sting. Every fiber of my body is taught and coiled trying to remain beside him unmoving. After several minutes of icy torture, his hands leave me abruptly and I can feel my body sway and seek his out.
"Good evening!" a voice carries over the din of the restaurant, breaking the spell I'm under.
"So good to see you. What brings you out?" He stands, leaving me at the table to greet his friend. They speak a moment, his friend's eyes move across me then back to him as they whisper and then turn toward me where I wait patiently at the table.
"Tom, meet my wife. Say 'hello', my pet."


"Are you okay?" he asked me as I felt his hand drift along my waste.
"I will be." Sighing I turned to look into the copse of trees surrounding us in our spot.
"It won't be like this forever, Cam." I drifted my eyes along the trees and up to the bright sky. "Someday, we'll be away from here. Away from them." 
I was done talking about all the reasons I was hiding in the trees. Leaning up, I tangled my hand in his hair and pulled his face to mine.

I hope you enjoyed! Leave me some feedback! <3 B