Thursday, November 7, 2013


YAY! I'm actually writing! I finished with my first round of edits on my "hockey boys" story and now I'm rereading and adding to the sequel to Downpour. Right now it is entitled Whiteout.
From Wikimedia.

Here's a lil tidbit: 
John Henry Carpenter’s life as he knew it is gone, but Tyson Montgomery's life could give him a new one. As long as Ty doesn’t kill John first.

How's that work for y'all?

Here's a look at my characters:

Lt. Cpl. Tyson Montgomery (You guys remember him?)
Shemar Moore

Capt. John Henry Carpenter
Kellan Lutz

Markus and Clint (Yes, they're back!)
Unknown model, would love to know!
Chase Crawford

Nurse Eve
Alexandria Deberry

Sgt. Aaron Yorke
Donald Faison

Cpl. Chad Nelson
Ross Lynch

Capt. Angelina Duarte
America Ferrera

So we shall see how quickly I can get this done and off to you all! Pray :D