Saturday, September 21, 2013

Making New Friends: DC Metro M/M Romance Group

Little Lion Man and I took a trip to Alexandria, VA today to make new friends and see some great "old" friends from GRL 2011! Can anyone tell me why it's referred to as Crystal City? It should be named Conundrum City. What an weird, wonderful, wacky place!

Things we saw on our trip to Virginia: 
Beautiful old buildings. And some ugly ones. Lots of 1970s!
Guy strapping a dead deer to his car roof. No joke. Is this a Virginia thing? Stealing roadkill?
Romance writers friends. SO MANY FRIENDS!
I'm the one with a baby on her head. :)
Picture by Andrew Q Gordon!

Freddie's Fabulous Beach Buffet!
Another from Andy, what a great building!

My publisher from ZLoose Id, Treva <3
A Basic Training Grunt Ken Doll!
The Washington Monument ensconced in condom-like blue scaffolding!
A pancetta and mozzarella donut sandwich (ZOMG! SO GOOOOOOOOD!)
A dog in a carrier exactly like Little Lion Man's 0_0
And Marine One flying over the freeway. 

Little Lion Man had a great time visiting the ladies and gents and getting passed around :)
LLM sweet-talkin' JJ. She's gonna eat him up with that fork!

Virginia is fascinating and I consider this a busy, well-rounded day!

So what did you or will you do this weekend?

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  1. Nice to have met you both and so glad you brought your son. Glad I'm not the only parent who brings their tot to these events. :)

    FYI - 'lil q crashed about halfway home.