Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A very important book related question! Via Laini Taylor and Ziri :o)

So this was on Laini Taylor's blog today:
Laini Taylor's blog: Lucky Ziri :-)

Have you read Daughter of Smoke and Bone? No? WTF are you waiting for?! Get. On. It! Such a great book and there is another book that recently came out that I'm sure is just as good and a third in the series planned I believe. I am waiting until the third book is out before I dig in since I'm not patient enough. It's such a great book though that I'm sure all of them are fantastic.

This post begs the question though, "Who would you kidnap from the author to keep the character safe, alive, uninjured, unmolested, or just safe under your pillow?"
What do you guys think? Would you be on Raffe's side fighting? Could you stand up to the senator for Clint? Help Claire get away from Frank? Would you keep Aaron under your pillow? Hide Jake in a kennel? Put Charlotte on life support? Get Jane out of those Moores and into your happy home? Tell Bear and Otter all about the rough waters? Smuggle Katniss out of the Capital? Who would you keep safe from the big, bad author person?


  1. Jake. It's always Jake. Although actually I would have loved to have hidden Bella away too and made her grow up. LOL

  2. I'm gonna go with Jake, too. Poor fella had a rough go.

  3. Hey honey,

    I LOVE Laini Taylor!!!!


    Hard question, that... I'm currently busy trying to stop myself from running off and saving the bad guy in the story I'm trying to write... he's just so wonderfully evil!!! *snigger*

    As for books I've read... hmm...

    Right now, I'd like to get Reyes out of prison and into my b...ehm...home...

  4. Hmmmm...I don't know. Maybe Peeta, 'cause he's such a cutie :)