Sunday, August 11, 2013

Who wants presents?! It's my birthday!

Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeeeee! Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my birthday and I wanna give stuff away.

Yes, give. It's my party and I'll give if I want to!

Giving stuff away makes me giddy

and I'd give more if I could!

I will give away all three of my books to a commenter who is following my blog and is also a follower on Twitter and retweets this post. Just comment below with the link to your tweet!

So to recap:
I'm old.
You need to follow my blog (follow by email on the right)!
You need to follow my twitter @bellaleone!
And you need to tweet about this giveaway and comment the link here!
Easy as pie. Mmmmmm.... pie.

I think I'll have birthday pie!

Happy birthday!


  1. I didn't know how to put a link for my Twitter post...but my Twitter name is mmgibson22 and I mentioned you in it! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I retweeted it, but my phone is being dumb. ILY & you're awesome & hiiiiiii.