Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CONTEST ALERT! What should I read?

So I am slowly starting to get back into a routine. Slowly.
Dum, dee, dum...
Being a mom is amazing, but it is seriously the best hardest thing I've ever attempted. Writing a novel in thirty days was NOTHING compared to trying to keep another living person alive who is hell-bent on testing every limit, boundary, gravitational pull, and nerve. Little Lion Man is a beautiful little soul though. I adore every smile he shares with me. He's quite the little charmer.
One week

Two Months
Three Months

Four Months
And today, Five Months. OMG.

So you can see why I've been remiss in posting and writing and editing and well... anything. He's already cutting teeth and trying to crawl and I'm pretty sure he'll be starting Harvard in the fall. I do apologize and I would love your help!

Like Charlie, I like a good book.
Charlie reading Charlie, the Caterpillar

I would love to read something incredible, riveting, can't-put-it-down-fantastic again.

So Tell me, loves!
What do you guys think I should read?

Suggest to me a book that involves my must haves:
1- A HEA. I must have the rainbows and puppies at the end!

2- Angst and laughs. I love a good intense story line and snark is always something I appreciate!
Buhamet, you rock with this animation!
3- Hot boys. I like het and slash. I don't care if it's boys and girls or boys and boys or there are a mix. I love me a hot boy in there and if he's a ginger, even better!

Do you have the book to get me back on the reading wagon?
No really, do!

 If you do, I'd love for your to share. And if I pick your book, I'll buy you an ebook, too! Just comment below what book you think I should be reading and why! I'll pick a winner on the 4th!

Thanks for the help and GOOD LUCK!