Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I'm Alive, Kinda :)

It has been too long!
I am so sorry my loves for being away so long! Since last I was online and feelin' fine, I've had a lot of changes.
Downpour is out in the world and doing well. Thank you to all of you who have bought, read, and most of all, reviewed my novel. I have LOVED hearing how much you love Clint and Markus. You guys make me wanna do the happy dance every time you review!
I've been working on the sequel, currently titled White-out, and another story, Opposing Sides. White-out stars our friend Tyson and is set five years in the future. Opposing Sides is a hockey infused love-hate story. Ah, how I love the love-hate :D
I'm living in New England now. It has been an immense change for me as I was an Arizona desert rat and loved it. The snow wore me down but now that it is the spring, I'm really loving it!
I've been laying low as of late. Not because I don't love you guys or not want to write, but because I was busy making this:
Hi. I'm Charlie!
It can be difficult to write when you're doing this:
Being a parent is awesome though and I can't wait to get to do it with Mr. Leon in July. Until then, Charlie and I will keep doing our thing.

Stay tuned. I've got big things coming!!! More posts and great news a'comin'!

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