Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Giveaway!!! Merry Solstice and Happy Christmas!

In honor of Solstice and Christmas, I feel very give-y. I'm so blessed and this year has been amazing and I'd like to share with the world.
In January of this year, my bucket list had two items. A Baby. A Book.
I currently look like this:

And then there's this:

Bucket list complete!
So while I'm thinking of something good for next year and finishing up incubating Charlie and the sequel to Downpour, I will share with you guys!

Comment on the blog here about something you are proud of yourself about from this year and you'll be entered in to win a copy of Downpour, Happy Hour, or Fair Puckled. Whichever you want!
If you'd like a second entry, friend me on Twitter and RT this post and I'll add you in again!

Enjoy your holidays!!!


  1. No need to enter me b/c I have your books, but just wanted to say congratulations and you look totally adorbs!

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  3. Congratulations on the baby and the book! Downpour sounds like a great read.

    JYL22075 at gmail dot com

  4. Congrats on your bucket list. That last month is difficult. I am proud that I was accepted into the Leadership Academy for my school district.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  5. Hmm, don't know if I'm too late, but I'm proud that I've managed to keep my sanity these last few weeks after finding out and dealing with a tween daughter's serious issues she's been dealing with on her own and also managed to put together a nice Christmas for the family within a few days time.

    All of the books are on my TBR list, so I'd be thrilled with any.

    Congrats on both, they are both wonderful accomplishments.