Sunday, September 23, 2012

#sinfulsunday A little Flash Fiction for @rgraceallen and @jend_author

Here is my entry for #SinfulSunday

100 to 200 words based on this picture: *Original picture was requested to be removed by the owner :(

"Lean forward.” Her thighs clench my waist. “Just a little- like that. Good girl."
Sliding a hand free from my camera, I tug her shirt away from her lace-covered breasts. She always looks good, but her outfit today did something extra to me. Every appointment we have, she surprises me. Today's suit, tie, and black lingerie was beyond just a fantasy. I couldn’t rip it off her fast enough. She loves to show off though, so I have my camera on her. As she writhes on top of me with every click of the lens, I can feel her getting more aroused.
I set my camera on the floor then pull her hard into my straining cock.
“I've been very patient,” I huff petulantly as I drag her shirt off.
“Mmmm... you have.” She unclasps her bra, letting it fall away. “What ever shall I do to reward you, sir?”
“You could think of something,” I whisper, dragging a finger under the lace of her panties. “How much time do we have?”
She moans and pushes forward meeting my eager fingers. "He'll be back at six."
And with my deadline in mind, I growl, “Then let’s not waste a minute.”

200 words on the dot!

What do you think?

More information and the other entries are here:

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Facilitators by Audrey T.F. and Mera N.J. from @embracethetrope

Sadly, making a human has been really tough on my concentration and I haven't been reading nearly as much as I like. I did come across this novella with a neat premise that sucked me right in!
I truly enjoyed Facilitators. It was quickly paced and well written. I was intrigued from the beginning and there were no lulls. I appreciated the intelligence with which the authors gave us information. It felt more than just porn-without-plot as some eroticas seem to lean and it definitely had more quality of writing than some of the "erotic literature" being touted on the big markets these days.
Eva is smart and aggressive, she's not a MarySue and I appreciate that the authors gave her a backbone and a mouth. I love snarky heroines. Theo is just adorable. Fuckhot and has no idea. He's caught up in his head feeling unsure of himself, but when he collides with Eva, sparks fly and everything burns, especially Eva's best-laid plans. I love when a good plan gets torn to pieces with sexy consequences ;) I really loved the scenes in bed, but funnily enough, I also enjoyed and looked forward to, the scenes outside the bedroom. Not like that! But oh, the table scene? YUM! Seriously though, it's a naughty romp for sure, but it has heart and I love erotic romances for just that reason. Audrey and Mera did a fine job giving this story both the love and the lust to which I adore.
I highly recommend Facilitators for anyone looking for a quick read that will leave you happy and gagging for another round. I look forward to a lot more from these two talented writers!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Giveaways over at The Sweet Spot!

Myself and several other authors are thanking all our awesome readers with some awesome giveaways today. Stop over if you can!

I'll be giving away a pdf of FAIR PUCKLED!

Here's a sneak peek:

He regards me for a moment then asks, “Can ya be quiet, boy?” 

I nod slightly, hope and excitement crushing the words in my throat and squeezing my chest and stomach.

“Come.” I hope this is a promise as I walk toward the chairs near the hearth. “You’re quite attractive. What do they call ya?”

“Uhh... J-Jack. Jackson Stuart.” My tongue is suddenly heavy in my mouth watching as he moves around the large, warm room.

“Fine to meet you, Jackson Stuart.”

Hope you stop by! :)