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Hot boys with guns and and roundhouse kicks? Sign me up! Point of No Return by NR Walker

This week, I had the lucky break to interview my dear friend NR Walker about her amazing new release Point of No Return which is out today from Silver Publishing. I was privileged to be a prereader for PoNR. I'm not usually into suspense, but this story just sucked me right in and made me want to read more and more. It took me one sitting which most of you know is pretty amazing for me and my ADD!
Here's the dirt on one of my most favorite reads so far this year!

When did you decide to write PoNR?

It was back in January (or there abouts) of this year. I was looking to branch out into Original Fiction and had the idea of boxing boys in my head. I didn't want to write them as Fanfiction, so I thought I'd give getting published a shot.

What was your major inspiration for PoNR? 

I loved the idea of having tough, kick-ass gay guys. The very original plot idea I started with is not how the story turned out at all, but these boys directed it completely.  I had very little idea of how they looked, so I went web-trawling and found the PERFECT visual for Kira - half Japanese, half Spanish.  Then I did some research on names that fit. I needed a name that reflected his heritage, but also needed a Spanish surname the other cops would know him as (his surname Franco became his nickname Frankie) and a Japanese first name that could be either male or female. I found Kira Takeo, which is Japanese for Dark Warrior, and it just fit perfectly.
Once I had the love interest defined for my main character, the rest just fell into place.

Was it hard writing something so intense? How did you write so much emotional turmoil?

I loved writing the action sequence for PoNR.  It was emotional, but having the scene play out in my head like a movie, meant I was typing as fast as I could just trying to keep up.  LOL   It's not angst, but more of a suspense/thriller type of emotion which I found surprisingly easy to write.
I just hope people forgive me for what I put these characters through. ;)

What is your favorite part of PoNR?

There are some very sweet emotional moments between Matt and Kira, but I must say my favourite part was Matt telling Sal, Kira's father, he was sorry. Ugh. It just broke my heart.

What's next on your bunny list? Any new projects or releases?

I have a lot of things happening right now... I have another release in October. It's a m/m/m poly called Three's Company.  And then another (all things going well) to be released in November, called Blind Faith.
Having three manuscripts in the pipeline means a LOT of editing, and I've spent the last few weeks editing, not writing.  So I'm keen to get writing again. I'd love to do a sequel for Blind Faith - not that I have a clear plotline for it, I just don't want to give those boys up yet. LOL  I could also do another sequel for PoNR for that very reason. When you fall in love with characters, it's hard to let them go.
I do have two other little plot bunnies, so I need to decide which to do first.

Where can my readers find you?

My blog is
On facebook, I am N.r. Walker
On Twitter, I am NR_Walker
Or you can visit Silver Publishing and find me here

Meet Matthew Elliot. Blond-haired, blue-eyed and rugged good looks, he’s one of LA’s best detectives, and portrayed by the media as the ‘Golden Boy’ of the Fab Four; a group of narcotics detectives who’ve shut down drug-rings all over the city.
Matt works hard, and after losing his mom before he was just eighteen, he has dedicated his life to his job. His partner Mitch, is the closest thing to family he has, and along with Kurt and Tony, the other members of the Fab Four, there isn’t much hidden between them.
Except for the biggest secret Matt has.  
The secret he’s hidden from everyone.
He’s not the playboy as they’d all believe. It’s not the women he wants at all.
Enter the half Spanish, half Japanese boxing coach at the gym. Kira Takeo Franco, (Kira Takeo is Japanese for Dark Warrior) known to all the guys as Frankie. 

He was in there warming up with a skipping rope.  His cocoa-colored torso flexed fluidly and his feet barely hit the floor.  He was agile for someone of his size.  He wasn’t huge, but he was tall with great muscle definition.
He smiled when I walked in and hung up the skipping rope on one of the hooks on the back wall.  I tried not to think about his smile or his body, and needing a distraction, I started to strap my hands.
Like he seemed to understand the effect he had on me, he was all business, though he still smiled. He was still fucking beautiful, but he wasted no time on putting me on the bag, only this time he didn’t hold it, so he wasn’t facing me.  Which was much better.
I found it easier to concentrate when I wasn’t looking directly into his eyes.
He stood at my side and corrected my footing.  Apparently my left foot turned in, when I stood in position, making my right swing overcompensate.
By the time my half hour was up with him, he had improved my focus.  I’d hardly had time to think about him.  He was good at what he did, of that there was no doubt.  
When I was done, he threw my towel at me.  “That’s better, Detective,” he said, with a one-dimpled smile.
He had a sheen of sweat over his shoulders, and his tank top barely covered him, his pecs, his shoulders...
“Yeah, it was.” I pretended to wipe my face with my towel to cover the fact I’d just checked him out.  
“More focused today,” he said.
I let out a nervous laugh.  “Something like that.”  
When I looked up at him, he was staring at me.  “Oh, I almost got a real smile,” he said with a smirk.
I could feel myself blush. Fucking hell. I couldn’t help smile a little. “Almost.”
“I think you should call me Kira,” he said, matter-of-factly.
“Because it’s my first name,” he said with a shrug.  “And everyone here calls me Frankie.”
He must have seen the confusion on my face, because he clarified. “See, if you tell your friends at work you’re having dinner with Frankie, they’ll know it’s me.  But if you tell them you’re having dinner with Kira, they won’t have a clue.”

Both men feel the immediate connection between them, and they soon start seeing each other outside of the gym. They also agree that to reveal their relationship, and sexual orientation, would be detrimental to their jobs. But as they fall in love, Matt finds this secret harder to keep, especially from his partner, Mitch.
He couldn’t have imagined being outted as a gay man would be the least of his problems.

Point of No Return is released on August 18th 2012 with Silver Publishing.   You can buy it HERE!!

Go get it, loves! You won't regret falling for these boys! :D

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  1. Couldn't agree more. I think my best read of the year so far! LOVED it! Sequel please NR!