Saturday, April 14, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

“We have dinner plans at seven at a local winery down the way. Other than dinner, everything’s open. This is your vacation, so all you have to do is ask.”
“I’ve never been here, so I don’t know what to ask,” he says as he sits up and moves toward me crawling across the bed.
“Well,” I tap my chin dramatically. “I brought a list of things.”
“You? You have a list?” Placing a hand on his heart, he tilts his head. “I do declare,” his southern coming on thick, “I am shocked to my very core, sir.”
“Mmmm...” I lean forward placing my lips a hair above his, “Your core could be shocked more.” With that, I run my hand up his inner thigh until I meet his groin.
Against my lips, he mumbles, “What time is it?”
Breaking away, I look at my watch and then reply, “Six o’two.”
“Plenty of time.” Then I find myself on my back and stripped from the waist down enjoying the best head I’ve gotten in quite a long time.
We finally make it to dinner, a little dishelved, but actually on time.

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