Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Five

So today is Good Friday. It has been a hectic, but good week, so I am sharing with you some good stuff.

1- Downpour is all done but for the editing and people actually like reading it!

2- Super nerdy excited for The Raven!!! Have you seen this awesomeness?

3- This week, a friend showed me Chace Crawford and realized that his shaggy phase is my Clinton!
Right?! Add some scruffy curls and it's him!

4-  This is Tonka. He plays a role in Downpour and in the sequel, Sunshower. He's naughty and fun.

5- And here's a little snippet for you from Downpour:

The day I asked his name, so I could write it on his cup during a lunch rush, I practically melted into the kitchen floor.
“Clint- Clinton,” he stuttered out and my heart lurched.
“Such a unique, but totally southern name. It fits you perfectly.”
I remember how he blushed and looked away at my compliment. His light eyes sparkled as he looked down then back up at me fighting a smile. Everything about him seemed to fit; the accent, the name, his sandy hair, freckles across his nose, and the way the corner of his mouth drew up into an almost sly grin.
“Thank ya for the coffee,” he said with the hint of an accent at the end.

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