Saturday, March 17, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Here's a little insight into Peter and Jesse from my novel Downpour:

“Mark brought pizza! And wins flatmate of the century!” Peter meets me as I open the door. Jesse comes strolling in, shirtless and disgusting from what I hope was time in the gym. “Don’t you dare take any until you bathe!” Jesse stops where he is and turns back into their bedroom.

Peter turns to me with a big grin. I think he very much enjoys bossing Jesse around since Jesse outweighs him by at least fifty pounds. Their relationship looks completely off when you take them at face value, the little studious grad student and the big, bad athlete, but those of us who spend time with them know who’s in charge. And it’s not the giant jock who benches two-fifty, but the scrawny Brit in the cardigan.

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