Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blog Tour Guest Post by Kerry Freeman @kfwritesbooks!

In honor of my girl Kerry's new book, What We Deserve, I have given the reins of my blog to Miss Kerry. I sent her this picture a few weeks ago and asked her to give me something yummy. Once again, she did not disappoint! I have to admit, I swooned. Enjoy this little insight into Jamie, Tyler, and Sean!

There was someone missing when I woke. Jamie lay snuggled, spooning me, but my hand found nothing but cool cotton as it brushed over the bed in front of me. I opened my eyes, and clock flashed 4 A.M.

The bedroom door creaked open. The light from the hall cast a perfect silhouette of the warm, almost naked man missing from our bed. He tiptoed toward me and smiled when he noticed I was awake.

“Hey, babe,” Tyler whispered. “I know it’s early, but I’ve got something I really need to show y’all.”

My nose twitched, and I sniffed. “Is that hot chocolate I smell?”

“Yeah, yeah. Come on.” Tyler reached over me, giving my bare shoulder a kiss as he shook Jamie. “You too, sleepyhead.”

Jamie yawned and stretched before reaching up to kiss Tyler. “Sup?”

Tyler pulled each of us up onto our feet. “It’s a surprise.”

We shuffled behind Tyler as he led us to the bank of ceiling to floor windows in the great room. The usually closed blinds were pulled up tight. Tyler stared through the windows and pointed outside.


My jaw dropped. “Oh my God.”

Jamie gasped. “It’s everywhere.”

Powdery snow covered every inch of the patio and the trees and yard beyond. It was at least an inch, maybe more. The reflection of the street lamps off the white landscape gave everything an ethereal glow.

“How awesome is this?” Tyler sounded like a little kid. “It’s a white Christmas… in Atlanta.”

I wrapped my arm around Tyler’s waist. “Thanks for waking us up. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this.”

Tyler laughed, and his breath fogged the window. “Thank Tanya. She’s been texting me since three. Kentucky got a white Christmas, too. The foals at the farm don’t know what to think.”

Jamie didn’t miss the wistfulness in Tyler’s voice. “Sorry we didn’t get to spend Christmas with your family.” He pulled Tyler between us, and the three of us cuddled close.

Tyler kissed Jamie and me in turn. “I am spending it with my family.”

And so we spent our first Christmas — and Atlanta’s first white Christmas in 128 years — together, exchanging presents and hot chocolate kisses.


I hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment and let Kerry know what you think!
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Thank you to Liz and Coffee Beans and Love Scenes for letting me play!

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