Friday, December 23, 2011

Bear, Otter, and The Kid by TJ Klune

Oh, Bear!
This story was very well written, just as much as it was confusing! There are a lot of transitions, but it all makes sense... it's Bear. It's his story and his traumas and successes, all in his words and in his mind. My stomach flipped a lot while I read. There was past tense and present tense, first person and third person, there were flashbacks and dialogue... it was SO much! I did stop midway through to freak out about having passed the HEA and being afraid of a heartfail, and then the heartfail that I knew was coming came and it hurt even though I knew it was coming. I did so like being  in Bear's head. I liked Bear. He was a sweet, confused, lovely, self-giving, compassionate, and lonely. He was a real person with real problems and although I couldn't quite relate to what he was going through with his brother and his friends, I related to him and his issues with his mother. Bear was a really good person and I wanted to learn more about him... he kept me attached to the story. His little brother, The Kid, was adorable and precocious, but sometimes unbelievable, but Bear even says that he's not a normal boy, he's a ecoterrorist in training. I loved Otter, too. So much so. He's beautiful inside and just so badly wants to love and be loved. I want an Otter!
It was a good read even with the multiple heartfails! I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good rollercoaster ride of a romance!

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