Sunday, October 30, 2011

NaNo, a no-no...?

I wish he were in our NerdHerd.
I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I have Plot Bunnies online group to support me as well as an incredible group of IRL writing buddies, no name, but we should be dubbed The Nerd Herd or something to that effect.

I've Snowflaked again this year. 
If you've never Snowflaked, it's similar to this
(I use my own reinvented formula. I would be more than happy to share my whacked out derivative of Snowflake Outlining if you leave me your email). 
I got nearly finished with that last week.

I also did a Five Acts outline where you outline your Exposition, Rising Actions, Climax, Falling Actions, and Resolution, but you do it in the eyes of one or two characters. It was actually REALLY fun.

I'm working on a character interview as well, something to get my head around the narrator's personality and voice. It's actually fun to do as well and I can send you the outline if you'd like to do it as well. Just leave me your email :)

So I have been trying to finish the last few bits of outline and timeline so I am not flailing in the NaNo wind come Monday night, but my body seems to be procrastination station!

Not only am I sick- a fever for nearly two weeks, sniffles, sneezing, coughing, stuffy head, no sleep, nausea, and body aches. (Aren't you glad you asked?)- but I'm also finding every reason NOT to work on my NaNo. 
I promised myself I would work on it on Friday since it was a chill day at work and I ended up helping my dear beta client, Michelle, finish three chapters in her own story. Then I got home and we went to dinner and hockey. Instead of writing in my NaNo journal that I brought to hockey, I whipped out my Kindle and read 300 words of pure, ridiculous drivel. It was awesome.

Saturday was gonna be a good day. I was gonna go sit at Starbucks full of caffeine and write. My friends from my writing group met me there. We had coffee... then laughed and giggled about women who kept arriving sans pants. There were A LOT! And then a lycanthrope showed up. Serious. All black, tats, mid-back length hair in jet black, goatee, and aviators indoors. Dude was a character from a ZA Maxfield book! 

And my dear girl, Elise, brought me Kristen Stewart Porn. Her new Glamour mag spread. I was a waste of a human after that. Such a sucker for little brunettes! Even if Amelia June mocked me. I'm okay with it... and I kinda like it when she mocks me.

This my dog, isn't she pretty?!
So I spent the rest of the day sleeping or playing with my dad's new dog and introducing her to our old dog. 

That didn't go well... another story for another day.

I was planning on Skype date/ writing challenging with Kat Watson, but I fell asleep about halfway through watching Pan Am (I know! Even Christina Ricci couldn't keep me awake!) while she finished editing something.

So today, I wake up all "RAAAAAAAAAAARING" to go. Yeah! Writing! Outline! Timeline! YAY! 

Yeah, no.

I laid in bed well after my husband left for a triathlon at six in the morning. I read a bit of smut, messaged with my mom and set up a hair appointment, took a shower, got dressed, tidied up, started laundry, cleaned the litter box, yelled at my cat for being an asshole, read six chapters of the book (Nine-Tenths of the Law by LA Witt) I promised myself I'd use as a reward for good writing next week, and walked across the street to get a cup of coffee.

Now I'm blogging.

*hangs head in shame*


Who's with me? Are you NaNo-ing?
If you wanna be friends/buddies on, I'm zonagirlie on there :)

Let's see if we can motivate each other, eh?

<3 B

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