Thursday, December 29, 2011


Anticipation grows,
My taste buds eager.
Foil wrapper tugged loose
And the warm aroma freed.
The fragrance moistens my tongue's longing.
Cool steel pierces the soft barrier.
Thick, soft, supple
Sweet, creamy.
A small drop upon my finger -licked away
Honeyed, cocoa, hazelnut.
Upon my tongue;
Melting slowly,
Warm, buttery, sweet.
Dark brunette
Enticing, tempting,
Just one more taste.
Warmth in afterglow beckons again-
I must have it.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Drabble

Kerry challenged me to a drabble using this picture:

This is what I came up with:

“Wait here,” he said holding up his hands. In the park we’d walked to after dinner, the snow was falling softly, but it was completely dark.

“Where would I go?” I asked the back of his head. He turned, setting his phone on the ledge nearby. “What are you doing?” 

I heard the crooning of Sinatra and he turned beside the bench and plugged something in. Everything began to sparkle with soft lights.

“Happy Christmas, my love.” His face was lit with happiness.

“It really is,” The snow began to flurry around us as we slowly moved to the music.

What do you think?

Check out the rest of the bunnies' drabbles at The Book Bunnies!

Bear, Otter, and The Kid by TJ Klune

Oh, Bear!
This story was very well written, just as much as it was confusing! There are a lot of transitions, but it all makes sense... it's Bear. It's his story and his traumas and successes, all in his words and in his mind. My stomach flipped a lot while I read. There was past tense and present tense, first person and third person, there were flashbacks and dialogue... it was SO much! I did stop midway through to freak out about having passed the HEA and being afraid of a heartfail, and then the heartfail that I knew was coming came and it hurt even though I knew it was coming. I did so like being  in Bear's head. I liked Bear. He was a sweet, confused, lovely, self-giving, compassionate, and lonely. He was a real person with real problems and although I couldn't quite relate to what he was going through with his brother and his friends, I related to him and his issues with his mother. Bear was a really good person and I wanted to learn more about him... he kept me attached to the story. His little brother, The Kid, was adorable and precocious, but sometimes unbelievable, but Bear even says that he's not a normal boy, he's a ecoterrorist in training. I loved Otter, too. So much so. He's beautiful inside and just so badly wants to love and be loved. I want an Otter!
It was a good read even with the multiple heartfails! I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good rollercoaster ride of a romance!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blog Tour Guest Post by Kerry Freeman @kfwritesbooks!

In honor of my girl Kerry's new book, What We Deserve, I have given the reins of my blog to Miss Kerry. I sent her this picture a few weeks ago and asked her to give me something yummy. Once again, she did not disappoint! I have to admit, I swooned. Enjoy this little insight into Jamie, Tyler, and Sean!

There was someone missing when I woke. Jamie lay snuggled, spooning me, but my hand found nothing but cool cotton as it brushed over the bed in front of me. I opened my eyes, and clock flashed 4 A.M.

The bedroom door creaked open. The light from the hall cast a perfect silhouette of the warm, almost naked man missing from our bed. He tiptoed toward me and smiled when he noticed I was awake.

“Hey, babe,” Tyler whispered. “I know it’s early, but I’ve got something I really need to show y’all.”

My nose twitched, and I sniffed. “Is that hot chocolate I smell?”

“Yeah, yeah. Come on.” Tyler reached over me, giving my bare shoulder a kiss as he shook Jamie. “You too, sleepyhead.”

Jamie yawned and stretched before reaching up to kiss Tyler. “Sup?”

Tyler pulled each of us up onto our feet. “It’s a surprise.”

We shuffled behind Tyler as he led us to the bank of ceiling to floor windows in the great room. The usually closed blinds were pulled up tight. Tyler stared through the windows and pointed outside.


My jaw dropped. “Oh my God.”

Jamie gasped. “It’s everywhere.”

Powdery snow covered every inch of the patio and the trees and yard beyond. It was at least an inch, maybe more. The reflection of the street lamps off the white landscape gave everything an ethereal glow.

“How awesome is this?” Tyler sounded like a little kid. “It’s a white Christmas… in Atlanta.”

I wrapped my arm around Tyler’s waist. “Thanks for waking us up. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this.”

Tyler laughed, and his breath fogged the window. “Thank Tanya. She’s been texting me since three. Kentucky got a white Christmas, too. The foals at the farm don’t know what to think.”

Jamie didn’t miss the wistfulness in Tyler’s voice. “Sorry we didn’t get to spend Christmas with your family.” He pulled Tyler between us, and the three of us cuddled close.

Tyler kissed Jamie and me in turn. “I am spending it with my family.”

And so we spent our first Christmas — and Atlanta’s first white Christmas in 128 years — together, exchanging presents and hot chocolate kisses.


I hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment and let Kerry know what you think!
If you would like information on Kerry's books, please stop by her site

Thank you to Liz and Coffee Beans and Love Scenes for letting me play!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Well, hi!

The Mr. asked me if I'd updated my blog about NaNo and projects (he's responsible like that) and I realized that I'd updated about Kerry, but not myself!
I'm sorry!

So what's happening around here?
Yeah, it's been kinda like that. Cactus and all!

I finished NaNo with just over 50K which was awesome. 

I really didn't think I'd get it done. But my writing buddies Amelia June and Dave helped me immensely, jazz hands and all, and I pulled it out just in the nick of time.
After that I went back to work on what I lovingly call "Hockey Boys" or my around 10K story that's eating at my brain about a new teacher at a hockey academy, Henry, and his nemesis, Garrett. I am nearly finished, thank the heavens!

 Here's a snippet:
“Don’t lay your bad choices on me. You and your players need some reminders in responsibilities and accountability for self. If you’d given a shit about their education like you should, this wouldn’t be a problem. Be honest with yourself, damn it. This is on YOU, not me!” I shoved him back, but he held me tightly against the board, the tray digging into my lower back. “Get. Off. Callaghan.”
Suddenly, his eyes weren’t cold and angry anymore. He was holding me against the board with most of his body and we were nearly nose to nose. I smelled the mint from his toothpaste with every labored breath.
“You irritate me so fucking much, Pelletier.” His words said one thing, but his body was telling me something very different. Without even realizing, I pushed forward slightly and my nose brushed his.
“It’s mutual.” And I meant it.
As his lips touched mine, the only thought in my overworked mind was that I couldn’t let it stop. His rough kiss was suddenly the most important thing. His lips became a crucial necessity. His taste was sweet and it made me crave more. When my tongue traced along his lower lip, the moan that slowly emanated from his chest caused my arousal to surge.
Of their own volition, my hands traveled from his chest down to his stomach, tracing the indentations and lines of his stomach through his shirt. When my fingertips reached his hips, he froze. I could actually feel his muscles tense under my hands.
My back hit the board again as he shoved off of me, straightened himself and ran a hand through his messy blond hair.
“Fuck! You’re so...” then he stopped mid-sentence quickly turning away from me then back again.
Sighing hard, he continued, “This did not happen.”

So, what do you think? Something I should finish? I'm waffling a bit, but I do want to finish it.
Would you be okay with being cross-checked, if you went into this penalty box? *raises both hands*

Not much else is going on at the moment in Bella-land. How are you doing? Got anything good on the dockets?

Kerry Freeman's celebrating, so we all win!!! @kfwritesbooks

My dear bunny friend Kerry is giving away lots of goodies on her blog to celebrate her mega-awesome year!

Go check out her page and leave her a comment!

You could win this filled with goodies!
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A new book by Kerry Freeman! Out Now from Loose Id @loveunleashed @KFWritesBooks @TheBookBunnies

I'm late and I'm sorry, but I'm also super excited to announce the newest story from my dear friend and talented author, Kerry Freeman.

Years after Sean’s heart was broken by his first love Jamie, he is ready to try his hand at love again with Tyler, his handsome, perfect-geek-for-him boyfriend. But when Jamie returns home after twelve years in the army, Sean finds himself unable to choose between his passion for Tyler and his still smoldering desire for Jamie.
Maybe he doesn’t have to choose after all.


I was lucky enough to be Kerry's beta reader for this incredible story and it was hardly "work" in my opinion. I cannot say enough good things about What We Deserve. 

Kerry takes the sensitive issues of the tender loss of a first love and multiple partners in a relationship, mixes it together with a beautiful passion and creates an fantastic tale.  She allows us to see inside the hearts and minds of Tyler, Jamie, and Sean. We learn to love each of them individually, but also as their complex, sexy triad.

This story has everything you could want in a romance with lots of hot scenes and touching moments. And it steps over boundaries like "only two in a relationship" and just how much one person can love. Sometimes authors try to do too much with poly or menage and it gets messy and confusing... that is not the case with What We Deserve. Kerry gives us such an intricate story with such unique, kind, intelligent characters.  Even the background characters had me grinning.

I fell in love with all of them instantly. I truly did. For me, the heat was wonderful, but even more so--the ties, the friendship, the love between the three main characters--that's where I was hooked. 

I know poly isn't for anyone, but I highly encourage you to check this out. It's brilliantly written and so well thought out.

Link is in the banner :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

NaNo, a no-no...?

I wish he were in our NerdHerd.
I am planning on doing NaNoWriMo again this year. I have Plot Bunnies online group to support me as well as an incredible group of IRL writing buddies, no name, but we should be dubbed The Nerd Herd or something to that effect.

I've Snowflaked again this year. 
If you've never Snowflaked, it's similar to this
(I use my own reinvented formula. I would be more than happy to share my whacked out derivative of Snowflake Outlining if you leave me your email). 
I got nearly finished with that last week.

I also did a Five Acts outline where you outline your Exposition, Rising Actions, Climax, Falling Actions, and Resolution, but you do it in the eyes of one or two characters. It was actually REALLY fun.

I'm working on a character interview as well, something to get my head around the narrator's personality and voice. It's actually fun to do as well and I can send you the outline if you'd like to do it as well. Just leave me your email :)

So I have been trying to finish the last few bits of outline and timeline so I am not flailing in the NaNo wind come Monday night, but my body seems to be procrastination station!

Not only am I sick- a fever for nearly two weeks, sniffles, sneezing, coughing, stuffy head, no sleep, nausea, and body aches. (Aren't you glad you asked?)- but I'm also finding every reason NOT to work on my NaNo. 
I promised myself I would work on it on Friday since it was a chill day at work and I ended up helping my dear beta client, Michelle, finish three chapters in her own story. Then I got home and we went to dinner and hockey. Instead of writing in my NaNo journal that I brought to hockey, I whipped out my Kindle and read 300 words of pure, ridiculous drivel. It was awesome.

Saturday was gonna be a good day. I was gonna go sit at Starbucks full of caffeine and write. My friends from my writing group met me there. We had coffee... then laughed and giggled about women who kept arriving sans pants. There were A LOT! And then a lycanthrope showed up. Serious. All black, tats, mid-back length hair in jet black, goatee, and aviators indoors. Dude was a character from a ZA Maxfield book! 

And my dear girl, Elise, brought me Kristen Stewart Porn. Her new Glamour mag spread. I was a waste of a human after that. Such a sucker for little brunettes! Even if Amelia June mocked me. I'm okay with it... and I kinda like it when she mocks me.

This my dog, isn't she pretty?!
So I spent the rest of the day sleeping or playing with my dad's new dog and introducing her to our old dog. 

That didn't go well... another story for another day.

I was planning on Skype date/ writing challenging with Kat Watson, but I fell asleep about halfway through watching Pan Am (I know! Even Christina Ricci couldn't keep me awake!) while she finished editing something.

So today, I wake up all "RAAAAAAAAAAARING" to go. Yeah! Writing! Outline! Timeline! YAY! 

Yeah, no.

I laid in bed well after my husband left for a triathlon at six in the morning. I read a bit of smut, messaged with my mom and set up a hair appointment, took a shower, got dressed, tidied up, started laundry, cleaned the litter box, yelled at my cat for being an asshole, read six chapters of the book (Nine-Tenths of the Law by LA Witt) I promised myself I'd use as a reward for good writing next week, and walked across the street to get a cup of coffee.

Now I'm blogging.

*hangs head in shame*


Who's with me? Are you NaNo-ing?
If you wanna be friends/buddies on, I'm zonagirlie on there :)

Let's see if we can motivate each other, eh?

<3 B

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Book Release by Kerry Freeman "What We Deserve" On Sale Now from Loose Id!

Below is my interview with my dear friend and writing partner Kerry Freeman. She is promoting her newest release, "What We Deserve" and I am proud and honoured that she allowed me to pick her beautiful brain!

Just a few more days, until What We Deserve comes out. How do you feel about your sophomore project being released? How are you keeping calm?

The book coming out is so much different than the short story. When the short story came out, no one but my friends knew who I was. It was a while before other people began reading and reviewing. For WWD, which is my first novel, it's going to be different. Through my short story and the freebie I wrote for the Goodreads M/M Romance group's Hot Summer Days, readers have gotten to know me, and they are waiting for the book to come out. I'm absolutely terrified :)  I'm not keeping calm at all. I hope everyone likes the book *fingers crossed*

How excited are you for this book? What does What We Deserve mean to you?
Wow, this is a hard question to answer. WWD isn't just a year's worth of work. (I started working on it last October, and wrote it for NaNoWriMo 2010.) I'm very attached to Sean, Tyler, and Jamie. They're like my babies. And I'm sending my babies out into the world and just hoping everyone loves them as much as I do.

What gave you this plot bunny for What We Deserve? Where did this idea come from? 

WWD started as lunch at Arby's. I like to go there sometimes to get away from the office and write. As I was eating, I saw two kids, one a boy of about sixteen and the other a girl of about twelve, waiting for their to-go order. The girl looked at that boy like he hung the moon, and he listened to every nervous, rambling word she said to him. He doted on her, and I immediately thought that, in a few years, he was going to look at that girl in a whole new way. When I got to work, I couldn't get those two kids out of my mind. Then the voices took over, and the kids became two boys, the younger completely besotted with the older.

How did you prepare for this complicated story line? How did you keep all the "hes" straight? *snort*
I'm going to be honest: I don't see how anyone writes gay menage in third person :)  I immediately started writing in first, which got rid of one of the hes. From there you just have to make sure that any "he" when all three guys are together is proceeded by their actual name. I don't outline sex scenes. I have an outline, but the sex scenes are indicated by "and they make love" or even "and they fuck like bunnies." ;)

Tell me what you love about each of the boys: Tyler, Jamie, and Sean.

Sean is confident in himself. He's geek, he's gay, and he doesn't hide either. When he does hide something, it causes him a great deal of mental distress.

Tyler has this chill, confident exterior, but he really just wants to be loved and loved in return. He wants to make his lovers happy.

I love Jamie's loyalty. He's learned the hard way how not being true to yourself can hurt a person and the people they love. He would never betray his lovers or purposely hurt them.

Give us a little taste of what we can expect from What We Deserve please!

As a long time fan of Kerry's (you can ask her about how I stalked her), I can tell you that this story does not deviate from her incredible prose and emotional binds between her characters' relationships. Although, there are now three in this book, you still feel the passion, the loyalty, and all of the emotion we have come to expect from Kerry's work. Go pick up a copy of What We Deserve today. You won't regret it! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Winner of the Torquere Gift Card is...........

Sash Conte!
Email me what email address you'd like me to send the gift card to you!

Thank you to those of you who gave the contest shout-outs and commented :) I'm sure I'll do this again soon! Thank you for participating and congratulations Sash on your new books! Let me know what you get!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Giveaway!!!! Get good reads and help others!

Wanna do some good? Need something to read? How about we combine the two?
I'm giving away a $5 gift card to Torquere Press to one of my commenters who shares a reason to support the It Gets better Project!
If you're unfamiliar with their program, please click here and check it out.
I'd love to hear why you think the IGBP is so invaluable. Share and share alike. 
I'll pick a winner next Saturday!
In the meantime, here are some of my most loved It Gets Better Vids:

If you'd like an extra entry, I'd love for you to tweet or facebook this and share with others, just leave the link!

Thank you for commenting and helping this amazing charity.
<3 B

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Charity Sips are OUT!

Go support an awesome cause, It Gets Better Project, and you can read some fantastic stories!

Here's where you can get your copy of the entire compilation: Torquere Press or Rainbow eBooks!

A snippet of my story "Happy Hour" and a link to the reviews of some of the wonderful stories.

Please go shop away and read your heart out. All the while, you'll be helping such a fantastic charity!

My interview with author Kerry Freeman!

I had fun with Kerry and she asked some great questions. I love that she added in visuals as well.

PS- Happy Belated Birthday! to my boyfriend Harry <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Beautiful Review of Happy Hour from CB Conwy

Thank you again, CB, I really appreciate your kind review!

If you get a chance, check out CB's stories at!
Start with A Russian Bear, I just picked it up!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Riding the Rainbow by Kiernan Kelly

Another wonderful sneak peek I got was into Riding the Rainbow by Keirnan Kelly.

This is a wonderful story with a heartfelt message. Yes, it has some naughty bits, but there is a moral as well. The language and visuals from Riding are just wonderful. It made me want to go ride a pony... or a cowboy. Or both, I'm not picky.
It's a great tidbit and I'm so glad I got to read it!
Make sure you pick it up in the Getting Better: Torquere Press Charity Sip benefiting the It Gets Better Project!

Kiernan Kelly lives in the wilds of the alligator-infested U.S. Southeast, slathered in SPF 45, drinking tropical, hi-octane concoctions served by thong-clad cabana boys.
Actually, the truth is that she spends her time locked in the dark recesses of her office, writing gay erotica while chained to a temperamental laptop, drinking coffee, and dreaming about thong- clad cabana boys.

Family Values by Alexa Snow

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at a few of the Charity Sips and here's my take on Family Values by Alexa Snow.

I loved this. I almost felt like I was listening in on a family member's conversation. Family Values by Alexa Snow is quick, but not straight to the point. You find yourself wondering what the issue is, why is Marvin so stressed, and of course your mind goes to the worst places.

Tim is so kind and sweet and so is Marvin. I truly felt like I was eavesdropping on a friend or sibling. It was casual and well-paced and it was interesting to just see what these two would do while interacting with Marvin's family.

And Nana is a card. I really wanted to go hang out with this family and learn more about them. Make sure you check it out in the Getting Better: Torquere Press Charity Sip benefiting the It Gets Better Project on September 17th!

Alexa Snow is an emotional person who appreciates practicality in others. She's prone to crying at inconvenient times, drinking too much coffee, and staying up too late playing with words (either reading or writing.) A background of schooling she wasn't all that interested in resulted in a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a vague sense of wasted time. Alexa lives in a tiny old house in New England with her husband, young son, and a small collection of pets.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting Better: Torquere Press Charity Sip

In 2008, Torquere Press’ fantastic authors decided to support a charity with an annual short story collection called our Charity Sip blitz. In the past three years, we’ve donated more than $13,000.00 to charitable organizations that support GLBT causes.

For 2011, Torquere’s authors have chosen the theme “Getting Better” in honor of the It Gets Better project, which helps LGBT youth understand that life as an openly queer adult is not only possible, but happening for millions of people, worldwide. More than thirty authors have written short fiction pieces and have agreed to donate all proceeds of the sales of these stories to this year’s charitable organization. Torquere Press Inc. will match the authors’ donations completely.

This year, we’re also pleased to announce that our distribution partner, Rainbow eBooks, has agreed to be the title sponsor of our Sip collection, and will be our sole distributor outside of the Torquere Books website.

Please support our sponsor by visiting them Torquere Press and our authors truly believe we can make a difference by donating to organizations that promote awareness and equality. If you’d like to help, please support the Charity Sip Blitz and enjoy some great romance today! Available

While supporting a great cause, you can check out my story that will be featured in the anthology.

Bella Leone Books

Welcome to my site. Here I'll share some naughty bits and put up some fun freebies too. Check out the Quickies section for some free downloads.
On September 17th, my first story will be published in the Getting Better Charity Sip published by Torquere Press to benefit the It Gets Better Project. Check out the Releases section for more details!
Thank you for visiting :)